Highway to happiness

Forty six years have passed since the earthquake that orphaned Vito Baiocchi forced his grandmother to take him up North. Vito now lives with his pet iguana in London, far from his only living relative. Every Monday morning, he tries new ways to end his insu erable existence; but one day, his equally insu erable Grandmother disturbs his plans. She wants to return to her hometown and it is Vito’s responsibility to take her there, even if it means leaving his iguana at home.

An unusual, quirky, funny and heartbreaking road trip, from Milan to Gibellina, passing through Florence, Assisi, Naples and Palermo. Grandmother and grandson will laugh and cry over bewildering adventures, in an authentic Italy of great beauty. They will realize that life is short and to be savored, with a change of perspective happiness is as simple as a highway. 


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«My name is Teo. I am eight years old and I want to meet Napoleon. I have a very important battle to win and he is the only one who can help me. But since Napoleon is dead, in order to meet him, I’ll have to die too.»

Teo is eight years old and all he wants is a happy family. His parents fight all the time and their every battle is a lost one that ends in slammed doors and tears. So when  Teo’s father gives him a book for his birthday, The Adventures of Napoleon, the boy becomes convinced that this great strategist, winner of all wars, holds the key. But Napoleon is dead, which means that he will have to join him. But where and how?

Teo begins to bombard the adults in his life with questions that will help him identify his next strategic move.  He needs to fully understand how life and death work, why God is silent, how to fly to heaven, and how hot it is in Hell. Napoleon surely holds all the answers and in order to find out, Teo is ready to meet him on the other side…or at least half way.

 Luckily, Teo will discover that sometimes the answers come in the most unexpected ways.

The charming and philosophical story of a child obsessed with life’s bigger questions, for readers of Sam Savage and Muriel Burbery.

"Teo”, is published in Italy (Einaudi, 2014), Germany (Dtv, 2015), Korea (Open Books, 2015) and will soon be published in Spain (Ediciones Siruela, 2016). The film rights have been optioned by Pantaleon Films (Germany, 2015).
“Teo” won the following awards: Rhegium Julii Opera Prima 2014, Premio Seminara Opera Prima 2014, Premio Khilgren Opera Prima 2015 and “Young Jury Award 2015” at Literaturhaus in Vienna.

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